Error on starting the calculation

Hi, Jerome. Congratulations!

Unfortunatelly I can’t open. When I click “start”, appear the error messagem (“Object variable not defined (Error 91)”).

I send a print about the VBA problema (in portuguese).

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Hello Jadson,

2 questions :

1.Did you follow all the instructions in the readme page ? ( for example there are some options to change in the EXCEL trust center EXCEL).

  1. Installing the new update requires installing V1 first : does V1 work for you ?

Ele funcionava que eu me lembre. Mas agora que você perguntou, fui testar a primeira versão e deu erro (erro tipo 1001).

Eu acredito que segui os passos, mesmo porque já havia instalado a versão anterior. Depois eu desinstalei e instalei novamente e o problema continuou.

Hello Jadson (working hard with DeepL here :)) please try to post in english.

I just did the whole procedure : install V1, test it, then install V1.01, test it in portugese , and everything worked.

Try to uninstall everything ( using the app settings) and start again.

The error you see feels like the underlying engine is not installed.


Oh, my god. My english is worst my computational hability!

It’s ok, now. I would move the archive to folder. Now, I can generate the dates. I’m sorry.

Congratulations you all!

Excellent news !

and thanks for your interest in IHSTAT_Bayes. I realize we should also try to have the homepage in several languages…

same occured to me …

Hello Theo, sorry about that. I seems my instructions above helped Jadson have it work.

If you can reproduce the error, send me what you did and I’ll see if we should change the procedure.



I’ve retried it several times now, also with the V1.02 and on another machine but the With lacking error remains

I found the solution
Although the latest .NET V4.8.X is installled, missing components are not automatically loaded.
You still need to install vstor_redist.exe as well

Thanks very much for the info Theo, I’ll add it to the readme page.

same problem, evil error 91. not knowing of this forum at the time (well, last week), Jerome kindly pointed out the various steps to try, no solution. I suspect it is not knowing how to install latest and vstor_redist.exe. I did both but from the download file. I’ll try harder.

checked how both installed, seem right, still have error 91.

Hello Lawrence, I hadnt’ realized you had the same issue as Jason and Theo.

I’ll try to get some help on what exactly needs to be installed separately. I guess after one year or more the compnonents within the installer are outdated.

@jadson.viana (thanks deepL) : jadson podes dizer aqui o que fizeste para que o software finalmente funcione? pode ajudar os nossos colegas

You need to move the file (IHStat spreadsheet) to the folder where the downloaded files are. If he stays out it doesn’t work.

Yes Thanks Jason, I was able to reproduce the error by putting the excel file outside of the installation folder.

@lwhitehead : the EXCEL file, either V.1 or the latest update needs to be launched from the installation folder, i.e. where all the DLL files are located.

This solved this error 91 for at least another person whom I am in conctact with by email.

did a clean uninstall and reinstall of 1.0 and accepted the suggested install folder in windows programs areas rather than trying to set up another install folder. 1.0 works, no trusted location or error 91 issues. I’ll work with 1.0 a while before adding the upgrade. closing question: does installing 1.2 require only running the download file in the folder with everything else? thank you!

Hello Lawrence,

yes to your question.

compared to 1.0, 1.2 has very minor cosmetic changes, as the main work was on adding languages, so you don’t miss a lot.

and normally you should be able to install anywhere, the key being that the XLSM files stay in the installation folder ( at least when you launch them).